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Online identity resolution solutions.

Two years ago, they were all ambition – but today, they’re undergoing tests and people are starting to figure out how they work, where they work … and where they don’t.

In other words, the ad industry is finally  discussing the practical challenges that these solutions must overcome.

The biggest and most promising is, of course, Unified ID 2.0, originated by The Trade Desk, and has since been positioned as an open source solution. The entire industry is invited to contribute to UID 2.0, and it will be operated by wholly independent entities, such as Prebid

This week, we’ll chat about where Unified ID 2.0 is, and where it likely needs to go. 

Relatedly, we’ll also update you on the IAB’s Project Rearc, which is now one year in. The IAB Tech Lab released four specs for public comment this week that indicate – no, no, don’t leave! – that it’s making some big strides toward its ambitious goal of re-architecting the internet. 

Look, you might want to build that sexy new house, but you have to get the boring old foundation right first.