Teslas Non Traditional Advertising Strategy Explained Investing Instead in Long Term Growth

Tesla’s Non-Traditional Advertising Strategy: Explained! | Investing Instead in Long-Term Growth


The debate as to whether #Tesla should elect to advertise is certainly not a new one, but there is a new development in the story. As you may know by now, Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting is coming up on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 Mountain View, CA

A shareholder event is traditionally when companies will take votes on proposals. For Tesla this year, one of these proposals is the idea that Tesla should “spend at least $50/car produced to advertise its products/services in order to increase brand and product awareness and interest, … and to help mitigate and/or reduce harm to Tesla’s goals, objectives, reputation and finances.”

The proposal will be voted on by Tesla shareholders. Currently, I don’t expect this to pass because Tesla’s board is opposing it as the idea of advertising goes against the company’s entire past success. Tesla has never wanted to or chosen to partake in traditional advertising. Why should this change now? I don’t think Tesla should, but there is much more of a conversation to be had. Let’s go!

– Traditional advertising isn’t effective…
– How Tesla does it today…
– How I would like to see Tesla do it…
– When they should start to advertise…
– How they should advertise if they choose to do so down the road…

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