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How To Get Started With Video Ads

[autovid_profit_transcript] I often get asked how to get started with video ads, because there’s a lot of confusion as to how to get started. To run your video ads, you need to use Google ads. You may ask: “why do you need Google ads to run video ads on YouTube?” Well, because Google owns YouTube. To run video ads, you need to go into the interface of the Google ads through which you are going to set up your video ads and run. From there you can run video ads…

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Advertise on YouTube, we are a specialist video ads media buyer – Advertise on YouTube channels

[autovid_profit_transcript] Want to advertise on youtube? Contact us and that way you can advertise on YouTube in front of your competitor’s videos, in front of the channels you choose and much more. When you come to drive traffic to your channel and website via advertising on YouTube the hard part is the creation and monitoring of your audiences. If you are considering starting to advertise on YouTube and want views that convert into business it’s free up to 29 seconds! You can get millions of page views every day in…

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