Why Sellers.json Is Limited– And How Supply Chain Objects Can Help

“The Sell Sider” is a column composed by the sell side of the digital media neighborhood. Today’s column is composed by Eric Bozinny, senior director of market quality at PubMatic. After this special very first try to find customers, the story will be released completely on AdExchanger.com tomorrow. The IAB Tech Lab developed the sellers.json requirements… Continue reading »
» The post Why Sellers.json Is Limited– And How Supply Chain Objects Can Help appeared initially on AdExchanger. Unlike ads.txt files, of…

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How-To-Hire-A-VIRTUAL-ASSISTANT-Contract-Download-Step-by-Step-Advertise-to-Offer-Acceptance Marketing models 

How To Hire A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT | Contract Download | Step by Step Advertise to Offer Acceptance

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