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Learn Google Ads | Setting Up Responsive Search Ads


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So let me get this responsive search ad started. I want to advertise these YouTube live sessions so I can put in, ‘Learn Google Ads Live’, usually it’s better not to put exclamation marks because sometimes Google disapproves of them on YouTube.

Obviously, we can’t put in 32 characters, it goes red. So I need to change that. Now when I select this headline, you will see a little pin over here. Now what that means is I can pin it and I can tell Google always show this in headline number one because that is my main message. I don’t want this not to be shown. So I will pin this and then I can just keep on rotating all of these other headlines as headline two, headline three, and so on. So join in live sessions every weekday. So that works. No email opt-in required.

Now as I start to write these headlines, you see that ad strength has now started to become stronger, but it’s still poor because all of them have not been set up. Quite often you may find yourself struggling to write 10 headlines. So what you can do is click on the view ideas. And over here you can consider including text about these topics, about your product or service benefits brand, a call to action, inventory, pricing and so on, right, or discounts if you have any. So let me see what I can do. I’ve given a call to action, which is ‘join in live’. I can put in something like, ‘learn Google search ads live’. Now I don’t want to keep on repeating the ‘live’ every time because this is in headline one, so that will always be shown, so I can get rid of that.

And I’ve got six characters that won’t give me much. Okay. Then you can say learn Google display network ads. Nope. Okay, that’s fine. Learn Google or YouTube video ads and you can start to put in whatever you need to put in. So let me put something along the lines of, what else can I put in… Google ads training every day. Okay. That works. And ask… Marketing live. Okay.

Now, you’ll see that I’ve got the little checkmark over here, which says I’ve got enough headlines, but I can add more headlines as well. So I’m going to add a couple more just to show you. Now I’ve not scripted this before, I just thought of this topic right now. So you can spend a bit of time researching and scripting your ad so that the message is really good and different. And as I’m writing these over here, you can see that each headline is a little bit different than the other one.


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