Youtube Advertising Tutorial 2019 For Beginners: How To Create Your First YouTube Video Ad Campaign


The Only YouTube Advertising Tutorial You Need! Click-by-click guide to your first profitable YouTube Ads campaign.

Google Adwords Tutorial 2018:
Digital Marketing Analytics Guide: Playlist:
0:52 – Why YouTube Ads?
2:14 – 3 Rules For Beginners
3:12 – In-Stream vs Discovery YouTube Ads
5:44 — Google Ads Interface: New Video Campaign
6:13 — Google Ad Campaign Types
6:25 — Choose Your Campaign Goal
6:50 — Campaign Structures
7:38 — Testing Variables
9:14 — What You Can Advertise
11:43 — Google Ads Interface: Audience Options
14:14 — Best Audiences To Target
16:12 — Best Targeting For Leads & Sales
16:44 — Best Targeting For Subscribers & Views
17:29 — Find Your Ideal Viewer / Ideal Customer / Customer Avatar
17:41 — Google Ads Interface: Researching Affinity & In-Market
20:57 — Google Ads Interface: Researching YouTube Channels
23:54 — Ad Copy Goals
24:37 — 3 Rules of YouTube Ad Writing
25:18 — How Long should a YouTube Ad Be?
25:53 — How To Add a Call To Action
26:17 — Ad Copy Outline
26:31 — Hook
27:25 — Call To Action + Unique Selling Proposition
28:34 — Results and Pain Reversal
29:14 — The BIG Mistake / Common Myth
29:40 — Final YouTube Ad Call To Action + End Screen
30:15 — Recording Tips For YouTube Ads
31:16 — Editing Tips For YouTube Ads
32:51 — Recommended Video Ad Campaign Settings
33:47 — Link Your YouTube Account to Google Ads
34:22 — Create Remarketing Lists & Similar Audiences
36:08 — Create Your First Campaign (Google Ads Interface)
36:49 — Basic Campaign Settings
37:39 — Location Targeting Hack
38:47 — Inventory Type [Controversial]
40:47 — Frequency Capping
41:25 — Ad Schedule Hack For Better Data
42:14 – Create Your First Ad Group (Google Ads Interface)
42:30 — Demographic Targeting Options
42:37 — Audience Targeting – Similar Audiences
42:57 — Audience Targeting – Channels
44:06 – Create Your First YouTube Ad (Google Ads Interface)
44:08 — Uploading Your Video / Choose Your Video Ad
44:44 — Choosing In-Stream Ad vs Discovery Ad
45:08 — Discovery Ad Creation
46:24 – Completed YouTube Ads Campaign Example
46:48 – Create New Ad Group in a Campaign
48:17 – Duplicating Ads
50:32 — Getting Good Data: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Google Optimize
51:11 – SUMMARY: How To Test and What To Test

Looking to increase traffic via YouTube ads? Are you interested in creating a YouTube advertising campaign? Today, we’ve got a quick youtube advertising tutorial crash course on how to get started in the right direction. In this short video, you will learn how to create a campaign for advertising on YouTube. I will discuss how to launch a YouTube video ad using Google Ads and how to optimize your campaign to make the most of your budget. You’ll learn how videos become visible from YouTube categories and the importance of choosing the right videos to target. It’s time to drive people into your business with video ads.

In this step-by-step youtube ads tutorial, I show you exactly how to create your very first ad and run it on other popular videos. I will show you how advertising works on YouTube. I will demonstrate how to upload videos, create campaigns, set a budget, and target the right audience using Google Ads. Get here a step by step guide on how to put Ads on YouTube Videos to make money. You will surely learn how to set up a youtube advertising campaign tutorial to drive people into your business with video ads

With this youtube advertising tutorial for beginners, we’ll walk through the basics of setting up your account and dive into the details of targeting. I will explain how to create ad groups and target users by demographics. I will also show you how to measure the performance of your video content and then make adjustments based on the analytics. Determine how much you want to spend daily. Be careful with targeting as the audience will be limited to people who fall under all the categories you select. Google Ads will only show your ad to visitors who meet all the criteria designated.

YouTube is one of the best advertising channels for a series of reasons you probably know already. We go through youtube advertising tutorial , targeting, tips, ad formats, costs, and more. Regardless of what you are trying to set-up, we tried to cover in our YouTube Advertising strategies lesson. I’ll walk you through the process of setting up your campaign with this youtube advertising campaign tutorial to drive people into your business with video ads.

Thanks for watching this video of Youtube advertising campaign tutorial 2018 – how to set-up youtube video ads with Google Ads.

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