vaaradaat old film

vaaradaat (old film)


WAARDAAT () A Film by Ardee Desai

Everyday we read in the papers that some child has been kidnapped.

Everyday in the, newspapers we read that a certain 16 year old girl has been kidnapped.

Everyday we read that some or the other man’s body has been found with his head amputed from his body.

A few days later we get to read that the child’s body has been found with his throat slit.

A few days later we get to know that the girl has been found from some far off village near a jungle with her head

shaven and that she had been brutally raped before she was killed at the altar of sacrifice.

And yet again, some days later we find out that the beheaded man had been put to death so that his village would

be blessedwith the gift of rains after a long spell of droughts.

All these deaths are a result of age old superstitions that are being misused by so-called tantrics, to lure innocent

but greedy people into doing their bidding, and such henious acts just for a few rupees.

Our story deals with a similar incident that happens in a small town called Bardipada.

One morning the town Police are called to an isolated place where the body of a young boy has been found.

The police start an investigation, where, Inspector D.D.Kulkarni has a niggling suspicion that this was the handiwork

of some tantric. Hence he scours the morning papers for any advertisements that might have appeared in them.

He finds an ad that says a tantric can be contacted Hotel Gulmohur’s telephone number for an appointment, and it

is also mentioned there that the said tantric was capable of solving any problems that might be obstacles in a

person’s life.

Ins. Kulkarni instructs his assistant, Ins. Tawade, to get him all the details about this tantric fellow.

Ins. Tawade, in turn, visits the Gulmohur Hotel only to find that the room that was occupied by the tantric is vacant.

He suspects that the Hotel staff is hand in glove with the tantric.

Meanwhile a cloth merchant, Mr. Mahanand Malpani, who has a guilty concious about his own actions. comes to the

police station to inform the police about his misdemeanor.

Mr. Malpani informs Ins. Kulkarni that he being a rich and prosperous merchant is very happy with his life, but even

after 12 years of marriage, he and his wife have no child. His earnest desire for a child had taken him to a tantric who

had promised to help him, but……..

Mr. Malpani’s story confrims Ins. Kulkarni’s suspicion that the tantric is the same as the one who had advertised in the

newspaper, and the one who operated out of Hotel Gulmohur. He and Ins. Tawade decide to conduct a raid on the

Hotel the same evening.

Meanwhile, Ins. Tawade, under instructions from Ins. Kulkarni calls up Hotel Gulmohur and manages to get an appointment

with the tantric for the same evening.

On raiding the Hotel, the police find that the pigeon has flown the coup, but they take the manager of the Hotel to task,

and on continued third degree interrogation