Thinx drops new spot as sales spike—but some networks still won’t show blood

thinx drops new spot as sales spike but some networks still wont show blood

Thinx, the period underwear brand, is out with its second-ever TV campaign today, following a year in which the pandemic has significantly boosted sales growth. 

The brand grew 40% in its direct-to-consumer business last year and experienced 400% growth in its wholesale business, according to VP of Brand Hilary Fischer-Groban.

“With the lockdown, there has been willingness to try new things, and a new routine,” says Fischer-Groban, who adds there were several factors at play, including that people were more willing to try the product while working at home.

“We heard from so many people who were not commuting, saying ‘I’m not afraid about leaking on the subway because I’m not on the subway.’ We’ve always recommended you try the product at home first, so this was ripe for this time. Also, a lot of stores were out of pads and tampons, and people were afraid to go to the store anyway.” 

There was also a heightened environmental awareness: “We had people saying, I’m at home all day watching the trash pile up from my period.”

Thinx debuted its first TV ada brand-led spot by BBDO New York, imagining a world where men had periods—in October 2019. The follow-up, however, was created in-house, and is a more straightforward product-focused film, showing women wearing the Thinx underwear. 

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