The Week Ahead: Netflix reports earnings and brands navigate Inauguration Day

the week ahead netflix reports earnings and brands navigate inauguration day

Jan. 18

It is Martin Luther King Jr. Day—and as with most things, the holiday will be affected by COVID, with many events going virtual. “A great part of me is sad, not being able to do some of the things we traditionally do in connecting with each other,” Bernice King told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It feels very awkward to me. But I thank God for the gift of technology that allows us to still do something that is meaningful and, in many ways, can be impactful. I don’t know what we would do without it.”

Jan. 19

Netflix reports earnings. “The top question for investors is whether the company can exceed its fourth-quarter subscriber guidance,” reports Barron’s.

Jan. 20

Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. To say it will be a ceremony unlike any other is an understatement. COVID and political unrest have forced mass changes for the normally crowd-filled event. The National Mall will be closed due to security concerns, according to reports. Brands looking to market around the event must navigate a tricky environment. More here on the marketing risks.

Packaged-goods behemoth Procter & Gamble Co. reports fiscal second-quarter earnings today with some big expectations for organic sales growth up 6%. P&G is among marketers buoyed by the pandemic, as homebound consumers have been buying more of its cleaning products, paper towels, toilet paper and even laundry detergent. One question is how much confidence P&G has in continued growth this quarter, which laps the beginning of pandemic lockdowns last year and panic-driven stock-ups by consumers. 

Jan. 21

Ad Age hosts a virtual Town Hall with Asian and AAPI industry leaders about how the industry needs to change to make their voices heard. RSVP here. It’s free.

Jan. 22

Apple’s famous “1984” ad ran 37 years ago today during the Super Bowl. The ad, inspired by George Orwell’s novel of the same name, entered the marketing conversation again last year when Epic Games’ Fortnite parodied the ad as part of its feud with Apple. Back in 1984, Atari was the hot gaming brand, and the brand ran this Super Bowl spot starring Alan Alda.  For a longer walk down the Big Game memory lane, visit the Ad Age Super Bowl Ad Archive.

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