The Big Story: The Difference In Differential Privacy


The Big Story Podcast


If advertising wants to keep using big data sets filled with consumer information, they’ll have to do a better job protecting them.

And differential privacy is one of the most promising weapons in the privacy-protecting arsenal.

This week on The Big Story, senior editor Allison Schiff dishes on differential privacy. It might sound like an arcane academic concept – which it is – but she’ll give you the elevator pitch in a way that anyone can understand.

While large platforms such as Snapchat, Amazon and Facebook already use the technique mostly for data analysis, Google Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox has called out the technique as it prepares for a replacement to the third-party cookie.

After doing a deep dive into differential privacy, the team turns their attention to the local TV market.

Like the national TV market, the local TV market is under pressure as ratings decline. And its manual execution is frustrating both buyers and sellers who want to transact the complex tranches of inventory in a more seamless manner, senior editor Alison Weissbrot reported.

Enter: a fleet of startups and programmatic principles that want to transform the $20 billion market. Local TV, it’s about time you met programmatic.

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