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 The teacher just gave the class an extension on a hard, confusing assignment.

Third-party cookies won’t go away in Google Chrome until the end of 2023, a delay of nearly two years.

Google said the decision would allow its Privacy Sandbox proposals to move further along. Currently, only three of more than 30 are in origin trials.

What does this reprieve mean for everyone in ad tech, brands, and publishers? We talk about our initial reactions on this episode of The Big Story.

Next, we talk about Amazon’s expansive, complex advertising business. As it vies for a place on the podium next to Facebook and Google, it’s increasing the inventory it sells (everything from Twitch to IMDb TV to sponsored video listings to DSP-bought open web inventory), the advertisers it serves and the reasons why an Amazon marketing budget isn’t just a nice-to-have, but a must-have.

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In other Amazon news, we talk about what parts of the Amazon ad business might catch the attention of new FTC chair Lina Khan, and a recent investigation into Amazon’s warehouse conditions during the pandemic, and what those findings mean for values-driven brands.

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