The Big Story: CPG Companies Make Post-Pandemic Plans


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Getting online shoppers to click and add a product to their cart – and then have that product ship cost-effectively to a customer – is the latest challenge for CPG companies.

During earnings calls over the past week, leaders of CPG companies had to answer to investors about their ecommerce strategies, which have accelerated thanks to an online shopping boom kicked off by the pandemic more than a year ago.

Adding to that trend, Facebook’s former high-profile exec Carolyn Everson joined Instacart as its president Wednesday – a sign of the retail media advertising opportunity and beyond for online grocery shopping.

In this week’s episode of The Big Story, we also talk about the rise of challenger search engines to Google, like Neeva, Brave and DuckDuckGo. They attract users with promises of privacy and security, some pay publishers, and one even charges a subscription. But could they actually peel away users – and revenue – from the massive search giant?

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