The Best Marketing Strategies For Small Business Owners To Attract More Customers


Did you know that one of the best marketing strategies for small business owners is to include direct response ads in your daily marketing efforts?

Direct response marketing is a marketing strategy that compels a high-quality prospect to take immediate action and opt into the advertiser’s offer.

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Direct response marketing educates instead of hard pitch selling. It costs very little to produce, and the results are measurable, making it ideal for small businesses to easily attract more customers.

You are probably wondering what direct response ad would look like. There are 5 specific features that a direct response ad contains:
1. A headline
2. Creates interest in the service or product
3. Creates desire in the prospect
4. Has a specific offer
5. Has a deadline or cut off date

Many advertising agencies like institution advertising as they can’t be held responsible for zero results. If an ad campaign doesn’t increase sales they blame it on one of the following:
A. The economy
B. They tell you that you need to run these ads that didn’t work over again
and suddenly they will work.

The sad news is that many business owners waste a lot more money and still don’t get results.

This theory is flawed. If an ad doesn’t work at all once, it’s not suddenly going to bring in lots of money. It doesn’t work that way.

There is a tiny bit of truth to it. A very, very small percentage of your response will come from people who have seen the ad before.

This is the ONLY reason why you advertise. You shouldn’t care about name recognition but simply generating more clients.

Emotional direct response marketing gives your prospects something they want and tells them exactly what to do to get it.

Here are some simple rules to follow when marketing:
1. Never do anything that you can’t directly track the results.
2. Never run an ad a second time that didn’t work the first time.
3. Never fall in love with your ad.

This is a common mistake for people first starting out with direct marketing. An ad is only good if it gets results.

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