How Two DTC Brands Revamped Their Video Creative For Performance

It’s well known that good video creative can boost campaign performance. But good video creative is expensive to produce, difficult to test and the impact on down-funnel performance is often tricky to measure. Between the end of 2018 and into 2019, KURU Footwear, a direct-to-consumer brand focused on eliminating foot pain, invested heavily in a series of videos in an attempt to inject some humor into its brand. It’s long been a trend for DTC brands to adopt a funny, tongue-in-cheek approach to their video advertising. Just look at Dollar…

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Twitch’s CMO: ‘As Long As It’s Done Right, Our Audience Is Ready To Engage With Brands’

Twitch is mainly known as a streaming platform for gamers. But what’s a gamer, actually? “The truth is, close to 80% of Americans over the age of 13 self-identify as gamers, and so the term starts to lose some of its meaning,” said Twitch CMO Doug Scott. “People who are into games aren’t solely into games, they have multiple interests.” Over the past three years, the amount of non-gaming content on Twitch has quadrupled, including everything from cooking, sports and music to fashion, politics and streams for inducing autonomous sensory…

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