The Ansoff Model

The Ansoff Model is a matrix that assists marketing leaders recognize organization development chances for their marketing methods in a difficult market What is the Ansoff Model? Referred to as the Ansoff matrix, due to its grid format, the …….
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Referred to as the Ansoff matrix, due to its grid format, the Ansoff Model assists online marketers determine chances to grow profits for…

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Black-holes-we-know-dont-exist-at-least-not-the-way-we-think Advertising & Marketing 

Black holes we know, don’t exist!, at least not the way we think

[autovid_profit_transcript] This video explains the alternative theory given by an Indian Scientist Dr. Abhas Mitra in which he called the object eternally collapsing object or ECO. The eternally collapsing is an alternative model of Black Holes, proposed initially by Dr. Abhas Mitra in 1998, later proposed by Darryl Leiter and Stanley Robertson by some modification in the name as Magnetospheric eternally collapsing object b’coz this object have a strong magnetic field also in their and Dr. Mitra’s model of ECO also. sadly Indian media never advertised his research but I…

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