Google Pledges Not To Kill Third-Party Cookies Without The UK Competition Watchdog’s Say-So

<!– –> Forget about asking for permission to collect cookies. Google will have to ask for permission to not collect them. On Friday, the UK’s competition regulator – the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) – announced that Google has agreed to address concerns about its plan to remove third-party cookies from Chrome. The compromise comes following a joint investigation launched in early January into the Chrome Privacy Sandbox proposals by the CMA and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s data protection regulator. Collaboration between competition and data protection watchdogs was…

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The Google Garden: There Is A Better Way

<!– –> “Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by James Rosewell, founder and CEO at 51Degrees. “Upon the uncharted Island of Imagination in the middle of the Lake of Let’s-Pretend lives the ghastly Google and his retinue of gorgeous Google birds…” – The Strand These words were written in 1913 by The Strand reviewing “The Google Book,” a fanciful children’s book authored and illustrated by V.C. Vickers, a former governor of the Bank…

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Futurenet | Futureadpro | Futuro Video 3. FutureAdPro Advertising pays you to advertise online

Futureadpro working in conjunction with Futurenet and is the best way for Futureadpro members to promote their various businesses or charities. Futureadpro has two package options either a $10 or $50 Futureadpro Ad Pack. I’ve only bought the $50 fureadpro ad pack and each one guaranteed me 800 views to the website I promoted. This $50 purchase is an advertising cost to my business so is tax deductible. However the ad pack then falls into the Futureadpro advertising income pot and will then go on to pay me $60. To…

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