Why the Hershey's Media Pitch Points to the Future of Agency Sourcing

Why the Hershey’s Media Pitch Points to the Future of Agency Sourcing

Even the very best media pitches can leave concerns in the ether. Will there be a space in between what’s assured and what will be provided? Will the firm group dealing with business compare to the image that the slick brand-new service device has provided? If brand names desire, choosing the ideal media company is crucial ……

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Aki Buys Video Personalization Tech From Distressed Eyeview, Will Reopen The Company

After running out of money and closing its doors in mid-December, video ad tech company Eyeview has a happy ending of sorts. Mobile ad platform Aki Technologies on Thursday completed its acquisition of Eyeview’s assets, which include a DSP and bidder, an ad server that ingests data signals to inform which video creative to deliver and a video creation module that enables dynamic video creative optimization. Scott Swanson, Aki’s CEO and co-founder, declined to share how much his company paid for Eyeview’s assets and patents. Four other companies were also…

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