Supermarket offers cheap TVs on accident kicks out shoppers

Supermarket offers cheap TVs on accident, kicks out shoppers


MONTPELLIER, FRANCE — French supermarket Géant Casino accidentally advertised TVs that cost over $440 for only $35.
According to the BBC, this caused a whole bunch of shoppers to rush over and grab a TV, or two—or five.
The Beebs says the mix-up occurred because the televisions were tagged at 30.99 euros instead of 399 euros.
Unfortunately for shoppers, the store refused to sell the TVs at the bargain basement price, but the people weren’t having it.
The customers then blocked the checkout area demanding that they be allowed their flatscreens.
So Géant did the reasonable thing and called the police. BBC reports that dozens of police officers had to be sent to help clear the store out.
Images and video posted to social media show angry customers with a mountain load of TVs refusing to leave the store empty handed.
The police were finally successful in getting everyone out, although it did take over an hour after the store’s closing time.
The BBC reports that French retailers are required to sell items at the listed price under the consumer code, however exceptions are allowed for obvious mistakes.

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