SST car show – Season5- episode 10


Last surviving 1899 Orient AutoGo Quadricycle. These were produced in BOSTON and were among the first vehicles to bridge the gap between horse drawn carriages and modern automobiles. This quadricycle could be driven with pedal power, or a small internal combustion engine.

This restored 1899 Orient AutoGo was at the Greenfield Village old Car Festival, and has appeared at some of North America’s most prestigious automotive events.

The Orient tricycle was an early motorized tricycle (classified as a motorcycle under some definitions). It was manufactured by Charles H. Metz’s Waltham Manufacturing Company in Waltham, Massachusetts and advertised in 1899 as a “motor cycle”, the first use of the term in a published catalog.[1]

Orient advertised that the single-person tricycle could be converted to a two-person four wheeled “autogo” in five minutes.[2] A 1900 Orient appeared in The Art of the Motorcycle exhibition at Guggenheim Museum in New York.[3]

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