Solving For Identity, With MediaWallah CEO Nancy Marzouk

Nancy Marzouk

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Nancy Marzouk founded MediaWallah in 2013 to serve the growing demand for first-party data onboarding and “people-based” identity. Its plan was to build a graph of authenticated users by drawing on media company registration data.

“We continue to work with hundreds of publishers that have websites and apps that collect registration data, and we connect it to third-party identifiers,” she says on the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks.

It’s not a revolutionary concept. LiveRamp, LiveIntent and an assortment of others do the same thing. Marzouk says MediaWallah differentiates by keeping its identity graph super clean and transparent. The company discards more than 30% of the registration data it collects. Data is tossed out for a variety of reasons, including inaccuracy, falsity, emails linked to non-human traffic and other flaws.

“That allows you to create a true graph, with better and truer user connections,” she says. “The biggest misconception in the market is that all registration data is created equally.”

Also in this episode: Marzouk draws on her 20 years in ad tech to share her perspective on the state of identity in 2020 – from cookies to our current petri dish of proposed solutions.

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