Should You Brand to Entertain or Brand to Advertise?


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Mohit Patel (my real name) is currently an award-winning entrepreneur and businessman who has managed to build up 20 companies and made more money through investing than Warren Buffet. I’m kidding. I’m just a student entrepreneur over at Purdue hoping to share my hot take on certain topics, my insights into certain books and media, as well as the motivation/inspiration required for all of us to continue through the grind. Being an entrepreneur is hard, especially if you’re an introvert like me because we see the world in such a different way from our counterparts. My dream through this channel is to assemble young introverted-entrepreneurs across the world in order to build a community of those willing to push the boundaries of success and help each other in the process.

Along with this I’m also a huge nerd and will occasionally share my thoughts and perspectives on the hottest new games, movies, and TV shows!

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