Should Businesses Continue To Advertise During This Virus Situation

Should Businesses Continue To Advertise During This Virus Situation?


????????????‍???? Come spy on our debate!

I recorded this internal meeting earlier today… The 3 Marketers at Leads Global had a friendly debate about this question:

“Should Businesses Continue To Advertise During This Period?”

This 20-min quick-fire session was like pitting our decades of marketing experience vs. this situation we’re all facing right now… Here are some topics involved:

????‍♂️ should businesses continue to advertise
????‍♂️ specific examples in the gym + travel industries
????‍♂️ which business should NOT run advertising now
????‍♂️ why marketing is at extra good value now
????‍♂️ why most businesses have the wrong mindset of marketing
????‍♂️ how fear is affecting our decision-making and calculations
????‍♂️ why we can’t rely on proven metrics
????‍♂️ the 2 buckets of marketing budget to think about now

Maybe being stuck at home has made us more irritable… but we’d love to debate more!

So challenge us now:
???? Comment below with your business if you want to hear how we’d advertise it in this period
???? We’ll record another video of us brainstorming
???? We will probably not agree all the time, but…
???? You’ll definitely get a ton of free ideas to advertise for the next 2-3 months!