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Welcome to Gardner SEO.  Call 508-475-9112 or click here to discover how to get your business on the first page of the Google search results.
Business is not like it used to be.  Just 20 years ago in order to advertise your business you were licking envelopes and mailing out letters, or doing something like advertising in the Yellow Pages.  A lot has changed since the and the internet has become the premiere resource for advertising your business.  No matter what type of business you have and are looking to expand, we can help you do just that with our Gardner SEO services.  

Search engine optimization or SEO for short is an absolute must for a 21st century business.  ALL successful businesses from Amazon right down to your local tradesmen use the internet and specifically use SEO to get their name and business in front of their clients.  It is safe to say that any business that doesn’t take their web presence seriously will slowly wither and die a slow painful death from lack of customers.  Don’t let this be your business.  Call our Gardner SEO company today!

Successful business owners know that video is a powerful way to drive traffic to their website as well as to their physical location.  YouTube is especially effective as it is owned by Google.  With that being said, it ranks on Google rather easily and most importantly, quickly, in the Google search results. YouTube generates Google billions of dollars as it is the most successful banner serving platform in the world.  Let us help you and your business flourish with Gardner YouTube advertising

It’s a fact that all successful businesses have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well as a myriad of others.  It’s a great business practice as most of your customers use these information sharing platforms as well.  And just as importantly, Google, Bing and Yahoo recognize this and when your website is linked to these accounts it helps it rank a lot better.  In the search engine’s eyes, it looks like a viable, active business.  We are here to help your business with it’s social media SEO needs

Did you know that between 60% and 70% of web users click on the first five positions on the Google search result pages?  What that means for you and your business is this, out of the BILLIONS of web pages, if they are not listed on the first page of Google, they may as well not exist and are invisible.  Don’t let this be YOUR Gardner business.  

Did you know that way over 50% of web searches come from mobile devices?  Also, did you know that Google serves up two different search results, one for desktops and one for mobile devices?  Did you know that on April 21, 2015, Google started to severely penalize websites that were not mobile friendly?  WE ARE MOBILE SEARCH SPECIALISTS.  CALL TODAY!

Like politics, all business is local.  Unless you are an online retailer like Amazon, you must have a local listing.  Google Walmart or Home Depot.  Chances are your local store will have a listing in the organic search results as well as a map listing.  Your business needs to operate the same way.  WE ARE YOUR Gardner LOCAL SEO EXPERTS.  CALL TODAY!

Do you know why we mention Google and not Bing and Yahoo?  The reason is this.  Google dominates the other search engines with 75% market penetration.  When your website is properly optimized for Google, in most cases it will rank well in Bing, Yahoo and any other search engine..  IF YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE TO RANK WELL, CALL US TODAY!

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