Saving Personalization, With Criteo Chief Product Officer Todd Parsons


saving personalization with criteo chief product officer todd parsons

–> Todd Parsons

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Within the retargeting category, Criteo has been the most successful player by a wide margin. It built a global retargeting empire from its home base in France, conquering the US market and many others too. It was a neat trick.

Now the company is trying to pull off two more. First, it’s working to save the lucrative retargeting business by developing a single sign-on (SSO) solution for consumers that will run across publisher websites. Second, it’s pivoting toward ecommerce to make itself less reliant on retargeting.

This week on the AdExchanger Talks podcast, Chief Product Officer Todd Parsons shares an inside view of the SSO skunkworks project. And he explains why Criteo assumed responsibility for this effort – which will be key to the eventual success of the industry-wide Unified ID 2.0 initiative.

“Without retargeting we really wouldn’t have a shot at stitching together first party data on any identity framework,” he says. “It just wouldn’t happen.”

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