Real Estate Facebook Advertising Lead Forms vs Landing Pages

Real Estate Facebook Advertising – Lead Forms vs Landing Pages


►In this video, I break down the difference between using a lead form vs a landing page when running Facebook advertising for your real estate business.

When running Facebook ads for real estate agents, we have the option to drive traffic to either a lead page and landing page. 

They are quite different and have different pros and cons. The lead form/landing page is what we are going to use to collect our prospect’s details, such as their name, email, phone, etc.

A landing page is a separate page that exists outside of Facebook, kind of like a website but usually only consists of an input box where prospects can enter their details and nothing else.
On the other hand, a lead form is a form that exists within Facebook itself. You can create these forms within the Facebook ads manager and drive traffic directly to them.

Pros & cons of using a landing page:
+ Provides a lot more control
+ Allows customization
+ May increase lead quality
+ Can build multi-step funnels
+ Potential of additional revenue
– Takes more time
– Increases chances of bad information
– More technical knowledge
– Additional costs

Pros & cons of using a lead form:
+ Quick and easy
+ Keeps people on Facebook
+ Information is pre-filled
+ Less likely to get bad information
+ Saves time
+ No additional costs
– Not as flexible
– Difficult to manage and modify
– Information can be outdated
– Maybe harder to increase lead quality
– Requires additional costs for 3rd party software

So there you have it. Lead forms are quick and simple to put together and have proven to be very effective with listings and home lists. If you want to scale or looking to create less work or just getting started, lead forms are perfect. If you have the budget test both!


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