Poland Is Leaving The Feminist Istanbul Convention – I Read The Treaty (Ep.1: The Preamble)


Poland is leaving the feminist Istanbul Convention. The country argues about the convention. I join in and read the treaty in 9 videos which will be uploaded on a daily bases. It is possible that the EU may ascend the convention which comes with sanctions for countries that don’t oblige. As of today the Istanbul Convention has not been ratified by EU members Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, and Slovakia. East Europe is currently also battled by the Eurocrats for keeping some of their departments free of leaflets that advertise for queer pressure group talking points. Some Polish cities are currently cut out of EU city partnership programs because of that.

I don’t want to discuss the queer policy wars in this series, though. Today, I run you through the Preamble of the feminist Istanbul Convention.

This is the link to the playlist for the upcoming videos:

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