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Jewelry brand and retailer PANDORA has grown rapidly in the United States, but new competitors – both traditional and DTC – are rearing their heads. This week on AdExchanger Talks, Charisse Hughes, CMO Americas, talks about the company’s renewed focus on the consumer and its own brand value proposition.

According to Hughes, the company has in some ways been a victim of its own success over the past decade.

“The demand outpaced the strategy, the marketing and the brand building,” she says. “Over the past 10 years, eight of those years were amazing and then it started to sputter a bit as retail became more difficult and consumers started to shop online.”

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So PANDORA put more work into innovations in jewelry designs and the retail experience. It also became more purposefully omni-channel, easing digital transactions while also nudging site visitors toward retail outlets where KPIs are more favorable and where most customers would rather shop anyway.

“We have started to think about ourselves beyond just retail or channel-specific and started to think of ourselves as an omni channel retailer and all that comes with that,” she says.

PANDORA has a 100-person strong data and technology team based in Copenhagen, and Hughes draws on insights and point-of-sale data from 400-plus franchises and 200-plus owned stores.

“We own that transactional data and we’re able to connect that with our online data and with our club to understand that customer,” she says.

When it comes to advertising, Hughes sees an opportunity to better connect the dots with programmatic buys.

In a recent growth initiative, “We struggled to get scale and identify incrementality,” she says. “Those are two areas we need to figure out. Is this really incremental to my business?”

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