Pereira O’Dell promotes two women to agency presidents

pereira odell promotes two women to agency presidents

“One of the big changes you would notice in the agency from even two, three years ago,” Gonzalez says, “is rather than being two independent offices, it makes much more sense that there’s one executive team that shares the same vision and the same philosophy.”

The agency, named for its co-founders, Creative Chairman PJ Pereira and CEO Andrew O’Dell, is the latest shop originally run by men to elevate women to senior leadership. Just last week, Johannes Leonardo’s Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico tapped TBWA\Chiat\Day New York Executive Creative Director Julia Neumann as the agency’s new chief creative officer, and Christina DeGuardi and Nikita Malhotra joined the C-suite at Giant Spoon.

While many agencies and brands give lip service to improving gender diversity, actually doing so takes intentional action. “I think Andrew and PJ have really made room for us,” Nymark says. “They’ve not only helped us pave our own road, but also helped pave that road with us. So, if there were any roadblocks, they removed them. If there wasn’t a spot, they made a spot.”

It’s unsurprising, then, that both Gonzalez and Nymark have ended up here. Both women have toddlers at home and cite the flexibility they were given as new parents for enabling their continued rise within the ranks.

“There are some really beautiful parallels that I see that I think are not left to chance,” Gonzalez says. “We’re both mothers of young kids, we’re daughters of immigrants, we have spouses in the industry. We both believe that you can grow an agency and you can still protect the people that have been there and have gotten you there.” Despite the pandemic, Pereira O’Dell is poised for growth and avoided layoffs, unlike many agencies.

The increased representation of women in the industry is a welcome trend that picked up speed during the last year. An October 2020 report from She Runs It and Diversity Best Practices showed that 45.4% of executive positions at advertising, media and tech companies are now held by women, jumping from 29% the previous year.

“There’s an adage that says, ‘Hire people that are better than you,’” O’Dell says. “And we got lucky enough to hire two.”