Penpal with Me 1 Vintage Yellow Theme Read Desc

Penpal with Me #1: Vintage Yellow Theme! || Read Desc


Heyo, and welcome to Cali Pages!
As I said in the video, I actually used to work with The Yummy IDKs 101 but I left (for some reasons) and made this channel!
In this video, I am writing back to my friend Hacer 🙂 I actually started a conversation first, then she sent a reply, and now I am writing back! I actually wrote that the theme would be sunflowers in my planning, but I changed my mind 🙂
Some of my announcements will be in the discussion tab, but join the discord server (which is still under construction) for more specific details on these announcements! You can also get spoilers and updates on my upcoming (and new) videos!
Link to the discord server (Created by me):
Join this wonderful server where you can teach and learn things! (Created by The Yummy IDKs 101):
Link to my friend, The Yummy IDKs 101 (according to her latest video, she won’t be posting for a while):
Link to my other friend, S o f t i e J a d e (she hasn’t posted anything yet but I think she will sometime later):
I will be posting usually on mondays, or sundays if I’m early, but that all depends on where you live.
Also a HUGE thanks to Melody Chong for making the thumbnail possible!
Thank you to Hacer Oz for sending a reply letter, making this video possible!
Thank you to all my friends and family for all the support!
And lastly, thank you to the viewers and subscribers! It makes me very glad that there are people watching my videos!

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