Paying Google To Advertise my Channel


So I got bored and when I get bored I usually get some crazy ideas and this time was no exception.

The growth on this channel has been rather impressive lately, I’ve been doing YouTube since 2013, and I have had some… annoying successes here and there but generally my content has been very sporadic. Recently however I’ve gotten a lot more time to create weekly-ish good quality content. This has increased my subscriber gain by 900% THAT’S INSANE!

Anyway, this combined with my boredom lead me to think “I could probably make an advert for my channel”. Like you I agree that ads are rather annoying, especially ads you cannot skip, this is why my idea revolved around creating an ad which is less intrusive and ends as or before the skip button runs out. Unfortunately, 5 seconds is not a lot of time to convey much information so I had my work cut out for me, I had to find a way to convey my humour, roughly explain my content and tie it all together with my personality and some fancy editing. Guess it’s lucky I can speak fast then.

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