Oh, the games Yellow Pages play….


Doing a preliminary evaluation for a prospective client that just had his first year anniversary into a Mercedes repair shop he bought into. I told him I would do a preliminary assessment of his present search engine position and what we could to help him expand his business.

What I found and showed him in this video is what unfortunately many small business owners wrongly believe that the Yellow Pages is the only game in town to promote and acquire new clients. It is actually kind of sad especially because when I used to own www.europerformance.com I thought that I at $1,600/month I was getting a bargain deal. Little did I know up, until the time that I started tracking expenses, that I was going in the hole to the tune of $800/mo. from the profit generated from their advertising.

Let’s face it, with all their advertising and promises the only advertising methods that work these days are good old Local SEO, Social Marketing, Facebook, Google My business, Google Maps, Instagram. The rest is like money going into a black hole!

If you would like a similar evaluation for your business, just email me at ed at ecommnow.com I would be glad to do it, no strings attached.

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