NFL hands Amazon exclusive games, and Teen Vogue editor undone by teen rogue tweets: Friday Wake-Up Call

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Touchdown for Amazon

Good morning! Amazon executives are sure having a good one—the giant for just about everything is about to gain a lot more football fans. On Wednesday, the National Football League announced new long-term deals with broadcasters like CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC and ESPN, but there’s a newbie in the market equation this year. For the first time, an online streaming platform has nabbed exclusive games, and Amazon Prime platform will stream all the Thursday games, Bloomberg reports.

NFL games continue to be the most-popular programming on TV and in an era where streaming and entertainment options run the gamut and TV viewership continues to dip, broadcasters are vying for as much football as they can get.

“For brands … the expanded digital rights could mean new opportunities around audience targeting, e-commerce and consumer interactivity,” write Ad Age’s Jeanine Poggi, Garett Sloane and E.J. Schultz, in an in-depth look at what the NFL’s streaming future could mean for advertisers.

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