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Fascinated by the reach of social media but confused from to start? You have arrived at the right place.
Social media advertising has taken amalgam creativity and technology to another level. Activities in social media have been changing ever since they started and so does the ways of advertising on social media aka trends!
You must have seen how live stream videos are quickly taking the spot of pre-recorded videos this is because live streaming gives the audience a sense of originality more than videos. Brands with the help of ambassadors or their brand loyalties recreate this sense of authenticity with their audience.
Want your brand to get noticed with an already engaging audience? Instagram stories provide you the correct platform. Engagement rates for Instagram Stories are already high, with Instagram itself revealing one in five stories gets a direct message from viewers. All the ad needs to be is catchy, crisp but informative, appealing, and obviously soothing to ears.
Another way is by using social media influencers. Brands collaborate with them like Tik-Tok Stars, you-sensations, Instagram influencers to reach out to the new audience. Ways used are like endorsements, collaborations, giveaways, and many more.
Hashtag campaigns: Brands launch their hashtag campaigns to include people and celebrities on a common platform in their campaign, which offers the audience a sense of belonging to the brand. Who can forget the #IceBucketChallenge to raise money for charity? or #smileDekeDekho campaign by Lays to introduce their new packaging and flavors was, very impactful on the audience.
Brands also use augmented technology for their reach. You must be aware of new Snapchat filters coming out on a big-budget movie release or a widely covered branding campaign. Lenskart advertising its products by augmented face trails is another example.
So many ways to advertise let Big Media Kart guide you to your best fit.

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