Keeping Count With Nielsen CEO David Kenny

Nielsen’s been through the wringer this year.

After underreporting regional television watching throughout the pandemic, enduring disappointments in the tv market struck a boiling point and interest in alternative measurement currencies started to peak.

In September, after the Video Advertising Bureau rattled its saber and officially required Nielsen’s Media Rating Council accreditation to be withdrawed, the MRC followed through. Nielsen lost its MRC seal for its nationwide and regional television measurement scores.

Nielsen is working with MRC auditors on an everyday basis to restore its accreditation and raking ahead with Nielsen One, its cross-platform measurement option. According to David Kenny, Nielsen’s CEO and today’s visitor on AdExchanger Talks, One is still on track for a Q4 2022 release.

“There requires to be cross-media measurement,” Kenny states. “It’s going to be truly tough for the market to handle yield if you’ve got a great deal of completing metrics.”

Still, Nielsen’s current battles have actually resembled catnip to alternative measurement service providers, and broadcasters are providing a shot. In August, NBCU released an RFP to more than 50 measurement business looking for alternative techniques to cross-platform metrics. In September, ViacomCBS revealed that it will utilize VideoAmp as a currency for direct television preparation and measurement.

keeping count with nielsen ceo david kenny

“I like development, and a few of those business might be partners– a few of those business have a contribution to make,” Kenny states. “That stated, I likewise truly think the market is healthier to have a base requirement that is similar throughout all media.”

In this episode: A comprehensive upgrade on Nielsen One, the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing huge information for television audience measurement, Nielsen’s current rebrand and why it’s in some cases much better not to listen to your high school assistance therapist.