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Is Google The New Yellow Pages? – SmarterLocal Profits Delta BC


Is Google the new Yellow Pages? –

Why You Need to Look at the BIG “Google” as the New “Yellow Pages”

In this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, James Martell talks with Jane Warren and tackles the question …is Google the new Yellow Pages?

In days gone by, when a local consumer needed a plumber, or a hairdresser, or order a pizza, find a chiropractor or an automotive shop in Delta BC..they would “Let their fingers do the walking.”

However, since the rise of Google and search, consumer behaviour has changed with a whopping 90+% of those consumers now relying on the Internet to find local businesses.

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking …With Your Phone!

Flipping through the Yellow Pages to find a business is a thing of the past, and local business owners know it. if they want to attract local customers in the changing landscape, you must be highly positioned in the Google search results for the keywords that matter to you most.

Why do you need to look at Google as the new Yellow Pages. They offer up valuable insight, offer up some help, and conclude with the actionable steps local business owners must take.

An Era Comes to an End

Recently, having 51 years in print, the Yellow Pages has announced that they will end their print version of the Yellow Pages in 2019. The bottom line. People are just not using the Yellow Pages the way they once were.

These consumers now search online when looking for local product and services, resulting in local business owners not getting attracting enough customers from the yellow book so they stopped purchasing ads.

James talks about savvy businesses owners who are redirecting their Yellow Page ad spend towards the Internet, where their local customers now are.

If a business owner can truly understand how the Internet works, especially Google, they can attract all of the local customers they ever need.

How to Promote Your Local Business in 2018

James talks with Jane about exactly what Google is displaying before you get to the natural search results.

He explains why you need to search for your own business results, so you know how to compete against your competitors.

They talk about why you need to understand the important components that need to be structured into your website in order to get you, and keep you in the top search results.

James offers local business owners a free report outlining their top 10 most profitable keyword phrases.

He talks about the use of Smartphones now surpassing computers in search, and how important the Map search results are.

They talk about the different results people see as well as the importance of Google reviews, and where those reviews are seen online. They discuss why Google My Business is important to help a consumer decide whether to visit that business …and the answer the question “…is Google the new Yellow Pages?”

Google Is Desperate For Accurate Information

Listen to find out why Citations are important, and how Google looks at their algorithm to these directories to help them determine the authenticity of your business name address and phone number.

A recent study showed that up to 70% of businesses are displaying inaccurate information in their business listings, and there are about 40 big directories you need to be paying attention to.

How to Attract Local Customers: We Recommend
Businesses need to know that part of their online marketing strategy is managing their reputation.

Jane explains that enhancing your business presence online is as simple as developing a plan, executing that plan, having the right team in place for those components and then monitoring and making little tweaks to the results you get.

As a complimentary service, to bring you more customers, book your free discovery call. We will gather up some basic information and put together a SmarterLocal market evaluation for your business that will reveal where all your reviews are, how you are looking, where your citations are, the accuracy of your data, your top 10 most profitable keywords, and a number of other things.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– Why business owners really need to know how search works

– Tips on how to get found online as a local business
Is Google the new Yellow Pages and why

– How moving up just 1-star in Google reviews impact your business

– How to get a free evaluation for your business with critical information

– Why online reviews are a necessary component to getting found.

The discussion is wrapped up with a an invitation for listeners to take advantage of their FREE Discovery Call.

You can find it here:

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