Imani (Faith); Africans in America Before 1619; Advertise with TheAHN – Michael Imhotep 1-1-2020


Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show on 1-1-2020 discussed the 7th principle of Kwanzaa, Imani which means “Faith” in Kiswahili. He also talked about the African Presence in America before 1619. Aug. 20th, 1619 is an important date in history but African people were in the land we call the United States of America at least 50,000 years before that. Yes the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade happened but we have to understand a chronology of history leading up to the Slave Trade starting in 1441 and the 800 year occupation of Europe by the Africans known as the Moors. #Kwanzaa #Imani #YearOfReturn

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“10 Pieces of Evidence That Prove Black People Sailed to the Americas Long Before Columbus”

10 Pieces of Evidence That Prove Black People Sailed to the Americas Long Before Columbus

“America’s History of Slavery Began Long Before Jamestown”

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