How To Outwit The Tech Technolgy Thats Tracking Your Every Online Move 1

How To Outwit The Tech Technolgy That’s Tracking Your Every Online Move


As modern life becomes even more and more fraught, surveillance technology and data mining are becoming more insidious.
According to Gizmodo, protecting your privacy online is becoming more and more difficult, but it’s not impossible.
If you’re sick of being bombarded with ads for products you just mentioned, ad-browsers like Firefox can help where Google’s incognito mode can’t.
Meanwhile, virtual private networks (VPNs) can mask your web activity from any ISPs that might want to pawn it off for cash.
VPNs can also cloak your IP address from any advertisers (or authorities) looking to exploit it.
Note: Sometimes these same VPNs themselves turn around and sell your data! Research carefully before committing.
If you want to be really tough to track, the Tor browser might be your best bet— but it can also make browsing pretty slow.
What’s more, using the super-secure browser comes with the risk of flagging the same authorities you’re probably trying not to tip-off!