How to effectively advertise during the total lockdown?


????Today it is very important to take decisive action to proactively manage the business through this period and ensure it remains well-positioned for when conditions stabilize and to continue to make every effort to achieve the prior earnings guidance.

❗️It’s the #EI Products – EI-MINI #lifter and EI-Slim Dual.
And they’re brilliant. Something you don’t expect, which unlocks a whole new way of indoor advertising. And EI Products do it with real charm and AI wit.

????Think about any building you stay in; you need information. Any hospital, airports, compound’s building, mall, grocery store, or any other place that people stay in during #coronaviruslockdown. We’ve always known that in order to make good choices people need good information. And people are expecting even more information during these hard times. Indoor elevator advertising via EI Products is the best medium for all of those facilities to inform their audience because it is the only display that they can pay attention to.

1. EI-MINI lifter,
The ultimate smart projection system.
Designed primarily for in-elevators advertising.

Our ultra short-distance projector could easily be mounted on the wall inside the elevator, deliver a detailed, high-resolution image, and capable operating in daylight to increase the potential of typically unvalued space inside the elevator. In addition, Addreality CMS allows not just creat-manage-change advertising campaigns, but also to collect, view and analyze advertising results in real-time that also helps to know the audience better.

2. EI-Slim Dual 1.2
The ultimate multi-screen LCD player.
Designed primarily for in-elevators advertising and retail stores.

When you are using multiple screens simultaneously, this gives you an opportunity to show your target audience a creative on the second screen to reinforce the message coming from the first, or better yet, target them with a personalized message that is more effective at driving action than a brand-building poster.

EI-Slim Dual 1.2 also comes with Addreality AI-based digital signage software. Users can log in to the Addreality platform from any computer or a mobile device and create or update their content or ads campaign within minutes. Users can pick from hundreds of pre-designed templates and customize advertising campaigns in just a few clicks.

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