How to advertise on CoachRanking


Learn the top three ways to advertise on CoachRanking. Build your page, SCALE your reach and widen your influence on the CoachRanking platform by upgrading to the Level 6 Sponsored Leaderboard ads position . There are currently over 250+ category niches that you can advertise on. Your profile can be one (1) of the first three (3) exclusive “Sponsored” profiles in your category of choice for the next 30 day period. You will own that space exclusively and will not share that position for the period you’ve chosen.

These positions are in high demand and they will go fast so grab the niche you want today. For the time being, you can buy up to four (4) months in a row, per niche that guarantees your position, but that feature may get discontinued sometime next year. The 250+ categories are segmented into three
classifications according to their unique traffic volume and popularity as Alternate, Standard and
Premium. Go check out the plans and pricing table for availability and act now if you want your
profile to appear first when someone searches for your topic or arrives on your category page.

Start building your page’s relevancy ranking by sending your friends, family members,
social media fans , supporters, and past clients to endorse your profile with a 1-5 star ranking, up
to 3 personality badges and a positive comment, testimonial, or thank you endorsement. We
even recommend that you advertise your CoachRanking profile page with paid FB ads, Google
Ads, blog PPC banners and even with influencer endorsements so you can grow lightning fast
and secure one of those top 10 positions in your niches. Get started by following this link at and you can download this User Guide with this link:

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