How To Advertise And Promote With YouTube Advertising

In this video I speak about How To Advertise And Promote With YouTube Advertising Click Link to get Your Ultimate Youtube Video Upload Checklist:

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In my on-stage presentation you will learn the Why, What and How of the ways to Advertise and Promote on Youtube and more.

You will learn the importance of the five elements of the Ad video, demographics targeting, interests and topics targeting, true view ads and ways to get savings and ROI on your Ads.

You will understand to how to speed things up for your YouTube channel with real targeted subscribers or ways to generate leads faster or grow a stronger online presence as well.

You will get insights on the elements of a Youtube Video Ad like the intro, Ad length, pain points, passions, solutions, and call to action and other video marketing points that are important for your online goals.

If you want to learn more about Google Adwords Youtube Video Ads that I share in my other training, go to our playlist here: Google Adwords Youtube PPC:

This Video: How To Advertise And Promote With YouTube Advertising

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