How Hard is It to be Successful with Affiliate Marketing

How Hard is It to be Successful with Affiliate Marketing?


Click on the link below to discover the #1 skill to making money with affiliate marketing. What do you think it is?

Hello, how hard is it to be successful with affiliate marketing? The real question is what does success even look like in your eyes. I’m in the middle of reading the book “The Law of Success” by Nepoleon Hill and he says 95% of people don’t reach their target because they have no target.

The 5% that do know what they are want and have a plan to get it. Is success making more money to pay off student loans, credit card debt or your mortgage faster?

Is it to go full time to quit a job you hate going to? Are you motivated to be a digital nomad and travel the world sightseeing, while making money from the computer?

Affiliate marketing can do all these things and to me Affiliate marketing is like money. With money there are 2 parts there is the incoming part. This is how much money you make.

The second part is the outgoing part and how much money you spend. Most people make enough money, but have problems with the outgoing part and a study by Forbes Magazine says 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

This means if they miss a paycheck they can’t pay their bills. This is a stressful way to live life. Stress just might be the most important part of someone’s health. If this is you I encourage you to spend less and try to make more money.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for someone to make extra money to start with. If you are desperate for money I recommend getting a job and doing this part time as well.

With affiliate marketing the income part is the traffic. Most people just want to get more traffic, it’s like money right. People just want to make more.

The second part I think is more important. What you do with that traffic right? It’s the same with money what do you do with the money?

With affiliate marketing it’s about the list. Drive traffic to a list and then use the list to promote a wide variety of products.

This is more of a long term plan rather than just drive pay per click traffic to a clickbank offer or CPA offer.

Most important high ticket items to that list. If you do this the right way then this puts the numbers to your favor.

With traffic if everything you do online helps drive traffic to your list then this helps put the numbers to your favor.

I never understood people who create content and videos and not advertise their business. This is like a guy trying to have sex with a girl and if the guy tales her enough stories and is funny enough she will take off her clothes and throw herself at him.

It doesn’t happen, the guy has to make the move. It’s the same with affiliate marketing. The cool thing is just like a girl you can keep trying. Maybe the 10th time they view your post or TikTok Video they join your list.

In a nutshell affiliate marketing is easy if you know what your doing. It’s easy if you put the numbers to your favor. It’s also easy if you

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