Google Reigns Supreme In Latest Advertiser Perceptions SSP Report, But Competition Is Tight Among Everyone Else

Google Advertisement Manager is still the dominant supply-side platform– however the race for 2nd location is tighter than ever.

Forty-six percent of publishers state they utilize Amazon Publisher Services, Amazon’s supply-side platform, according to Advertiser Perceptions’ SSP report for the 2nd half of 2021, which sufficed for Amazon to preserve its grip on the No. 2 area. At 42%, PubMatic came in not too far behind.

The remainder of the pack, nevertheless, was really firmly clustered, with OpenX at 35%, Magnite at 33%, Yahoo SSP (the previous Verizon Media Advertisement Platform) and Magnite’s SpotX at 29% each and Xandr Monetize (which now comes from Microsoft) and Index Exchange at 28%.

(It’s worth keeping in mind that the outcomes for Yahoo SSP might have been altered by its current rebranding. And FWIW, Google is so dominant, it makes 2 looks in the Advertiser Perception study: 36% of publishers state they utilize Google AdMob for app money making.)

Intense competitors down the chain is an appealing indication for all non-Google SSPs, due to the fact that it’s proof publishers choose to deal with numerous SSP partners. Marketer Perceptions discovered that publishers utilize 5.4 SSP partners usually, indicating an SSP does not require to be a publisher’s very first, 2nd or perhaps 3rd option to do a good quantity of company.

“There is still quite healthy competitors for that 3rd, 5th and 4th area,” stated Lauren Fisher, EVP of company intelligence at Advertiser Perceptions. “First and primary, publishers are dealing with SSPs that are making them cash, they’re dealing with SSPs that are great partners and assisting to handle their organization– and they’re likewise searching for SSPs that are experts in the kind of stock that they can generate income from.”

google reigns supreme in latest advertiser perceptions ssp report but competition is tight among everyone else

Not so quick However, the variety of SSP partners publishers will be utilizing this year is anticipated to grow more gradually than formerly prepared for.

Marketer Perceptions is forecasting that publishers will utilize approximately 5.8 SSPs in 2022, below its previous forecast of 7 SSPs typically.

Still, with hot-button concerns like identity and information personal privacy staying top of mind, publishers of all sizes revealed interest in dealing with and checking out a variety of ID options.

google reigns supreme in latest advertiser perceptions ssp report but competition is tight among everyone else

“Publishers continue to deal with numerous partners, and they’re continuing to lean on their SSPs rather greatly for assistance and suggestions as we’re browsing an ever-changing and extremely various landscape with regard to identity,” Fisher stated.

Google to the moon

That partner list practically constantly consists of Google.

In the most current report, Google preserved its dominant position as the most utilized and most favored SSP amongst the publishers surveyed, with 73% stating they utilize Google Advertisement Manager and 43% ranking it as their chosen supply-side partner.

Due to the fact that Advertiser Perceptions performed its research study in August and September, the outcomes do not show current reports detailing Google’s Project Bernanke and Jedi Blue initiatives. A New York district court filing unsealed files that clarify Google’s supposed efforts to deceive publishers and marketers about how its advertisement auction in fact works and its collaboration with Facebook to restrict the practicality of header bidding.

Prior to the release of these files, at least, advertisement market speculation about Google running third-price auctions did little to moisten publisher interest for Google as an SSP partner. It stays to be seen whether the current round of Project Bernanke and Jedi Blue discoveries will knock Google off its perch as the sell-side’s most-used, most-preferred SSP (however it’s not likely).

“On the sell side, it’s Google’s program,” stated Kevin Mannion, president and chief method officer at Advertiser Perceptions. “Every publisher requires to be with them– and often that’s not a delighted thing for the publisher. Google does truly pay attention to what a publisher requires to make cash, have security and be personal privacy safeguarded. Those are significantly essential, specifically as we’re heading towards a cookieless world.”

Small vs. big

Beyond Google’s unsurprising supremacy, Advertiser Perceptions kept in mind considerable distinctions in SSP use in between bigger publishers (those with 20 million or more special monthly visitors) and smaller sized publishers (those with less than 20 million special regular monthly visitors).

OpenX, Magnite and Xandr Monetize, for instance, were even more popular with bigger publishers than with smaller sized publishers. Forty-five percent of bigger publishers– however just 22% of smaller sized publishers– stated they utilize OpenX.

The distinction was even starker for Magnite, which is utilized by 49% of bigger publishers however just 12% of smaller sized publishers. Xandr Monetize, on the other hand, is utilized by 38% of bigger publishers and 14% of smaller sized publishers.

Google Advertisement Manager, Amazon’s SSP and PubMatic likewise saw use divides in between bigger and smaller sized publishers, albeit far less significant, with 75% vs. 71% for Google; 45% vs. 49% for Amazon; and 43% vs. 40% for PubMatic. Amongst the most-used SSPs for bigger publishers, just Amazon’s SSP was more popular with smaller sized publishers than it was with bigger ones.

Marketer Perceptions surveyed 150 US-based publishers on their future and existing prepare for SSP use and their understandings of the leading gamers. To receive involvement, publishers needed to have an audience of a minimum of 3 million month-to-month special visitors, offer advertisements programmatically and be presently preparing or utilizing to utilize an SSP.