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Google Ads Tips & Tutorials. Learn Google Ads Live


Ask Uzair Kharawala any questions you may have regarding Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Video Marketing, Landing Pages, Google Analytics or just drop by and say hello!

Questions covered in this episode:

What is Gclid

Are there any good alternatives to Google AdWords editor?

Why is the Facebook ads product better than the Google ads product?

What are the best ways to reduce your cost per click on Google Adwords?

Is it better to invest in SEO or in running ads on Google?

What’s are your top 5 Google ads tips?

Which link should I click when I make a Google search: the advert link or the normal link? I know both links will lead to the same result/destination, but who actually benefits when I click the advert link: Google or the advertiser?

Do responsive display ads really perform better on the display campaigns on GDN than typical banner ads?

What is the best PPC reporting tool (AdWords/Facebook) for under $100/month? – Google Data Studio

If I use Google keyword planner, do I need to use any other keyword tools? SEMRush / UberSuggest

From your own experience, do you think comments now are still an important factor for video ranking in YouTube’s algorithm?

What do you think is more important, click thought rate or retention rate for YouTube videos?

What ways do Google AdWords experts make money online without creating blogs or YouTube channels?

What are the best Video marketing Tips for Business?

What are the top video marketing companies that could help me in my business?

How can I be successful in the video marketing business?

What’s your #1 tip to help businesses get started with video marketing?

Google Ads Tips & Tutorials. Learn Google Ads Live

Here’s session 1 if you missed it

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