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Any business owner will tell you that having the right staff in place is vital to the success of his or her business. Yet so often hiring the right people, keeping them on the team, and letting go of those who aren’t a good fit is an HR nightmare. Hire and Fire Like a Boss addresses these difficulties and shows the reader how to build and keep a team of advocates, hiring those with passion instead of those merely looking for a position.Getting the right people in place does not happen overnight; it requires both work and a change of mindset, particularly a focus on the core values of one’s business. Additionally, there may be those currently on the team who don’t quite catch the vision. Owning up to this and acknowledging that there is someone on the team who should not be there is about integrity and caring enough about that employee to realize that he/she would be better off in a different environment. Putting off the inevitable helps no one, and the cost, both monetary and to morale, can be high when employees who are not a good fit are allowed to linger and weigh down the entire team. Fears of rehiring and retraining, vacancy costs, lawsuits, high turnover rates, and losing clients are all addressed in Hire and Fire Like a Boss. Detailed documentation, insurance, and creating backups and redundancies are tools you can use to combat these potential problems, but the biggest factor to both firing and hiring effectively is having core values for your business. Examples of core values from companies like Zappos, TOMS Shoes, and Google are presented to better enable readers to identify their own core values. Once identified and in place, the core values of your business, along with regular employee evaluations, will provide a good foundation for your team. The included flowchart makes it simple to choose which action is best regarding any employees in question. A probationary period where expectations are precisely outlined further directs business owners as to what the appropriate action is. Understanding the way Millennials and Generation-X employees think assists an employer in hiring. Knowing the main motivators for both men and women further helps employers to meet their staff’s needs and keep the staff they value. If the business owner’s team is making his or her dreams come true and working to build the business, it’s vital the business owner is working equally hard to make his or her employees’ dreams a reality. Being proactive instead of reactive throughout the hiring process yields far better results. Turn a current team into recruiters and effectively advertise open positions with ads that are unique, bold, and specific. A multitiered interview process that focuses on gauging a candidate’s sense of guilt, emotional coping, job qualifications, and continued growth will quickly weed out those not likely to bring passion to the position. Following up with a team trial period, where the new employee is allowed and encouraged to choose whether or not to stay furthers your prospects of finding those who are golden. Enrolling new hires in your core values and putting the time and effort into quality training assures a great start to building a dream team. In the pursuit of that all-star team, the up-front work will yield the reward.Professional coaching and mentoring expert Dino Watts is the number-one international best-selling author of The PracticeRX. Since 2008, he has been helping high-income producers by replicating their business success in their personal relationships. His coaching and leadership systems have been proven to create more happiness in marriages, more peace in the workplace, more freedom from the stresses of life, and more revenue in business. Following the principles outlined in Hire and Fire Like a Boss will help readers create healthy company cultures, transform their teams, and elevate their lives.

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