Free Budweisers for the vaccinated, and ‘Vax Tee’ from Miller Lite: Trending

free budweisers for the vaccinated and vax tee from miller lite trending

Quote of the week

“We are kind of pre-programmed from ancient times to react to dangers with amplified effect.”—Stacy Vaughn, U.S. managing partner for health at research firm Hall & Partners, speculating on the consumer reaction to the pause put on Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine this week. More here on how it might affect the brand.

Cards for humanity

Hallmark is giving away another 1 million cards as part of a charitable program it started during the pandemic. Consumers can request a three-pack at this web site from the brand’s “Real Stories” collection, “a curated selection of greetings and gifts designed to help consumers show encouragement, support or appreciation for a loved one,” according to a press release. Hallmark says it has given away more than 6 million cards since COVID-19 began.

Number of the week

Infinity: That’s the number of crazy Oreo flavors, based on a College Humor skit that’s a lesson for marketers. (No, Oreo wasn’t involved.)

On the move

DraftKings named Brian Angiolet as its first-ever chief media officer. He was previously senior VP and chief business officer at Verizon Communications.

Contributing: Jessica Wohl