Facebook posts chief marketing officer job opening

facebook posts chief marketing officer job opening

In July, top advertisers joined a boycott organized by the NAACP and Anti-Defamation League. The organizations have demanded that Facebook fill a high-level role with a Black leader who has experience in civil rights. Facebook has been searching for an executive that would fit the criteria, but that person won’t necessarily be the CMO.

Last week, Lucio, who joined the company in 2018, said he would step down, citing a desire to promote more diversity and inclusion in the industry.

In its job posting, Facebook does not mention that the position requires special training in areas of diversity. What the job posting does highlight is the need to have at least five years operating at the CMO level at a “major consumer technology organization.”

Facebook’s CMO role will be a challenge, as the company notes it has a marketing budget that exceeds $500 million.

The CMO guides Facebook’s marketing and public outreach. The social network is looking for someone who can help it with its major events strategy, TV ad campaigns and social media presence.

It’s also looking for a partner who helps “build relationships with major company CMOs.”

The job listing ends with a “preferred” qualification: “Experience encompassing hardware and software innovation, led the development of at least one major global consumer technology brand either from the ground up or through a major transformation, capable of driving the entire creative process through their insights and vision,” the job listing says.