Facebook Advertising Part # 4 | Advertise On Facebook With Promoted Ads

Here in part 4 of this series of Facebook advertising,
we will be discussing the different ad types.The different types of post's that you should and can promote, using the promoted post's feature within the Facebook advertising platform.There are seven types of ad's that are deemed the most effective.These are the ones we will talk about.

The first thing is your advertising capital,you will want to make sure you are getting the most out of the capital you invest.The way to do this is to make sure the post is done correctly.You will also want to be sure that it is a post that will help you reach your goals,in your Facebook marketing.

With a Facebook promoted post done right you will be able to build your fan base,build a mailing list,get clicks to your website or even get leads to convert to sales.Maybe you just want to increase engagement with your fan base.No matter what if done right your chances for achieving your goal will be much better.

With the goals i mentioned earlier here are examples of some good promoted posts;
1) A post that will advertise lead magnets to help increase your mailing list
2) A post that advertises a discount for new customers
3) A post with a strong call-to-action in it
4) A post with an image that is very eye catching
5) A post with a (limited time offer)that will imply a
sense of urgency to the post
6) A post with a video
7) A post that will link to a post in a blog or website,
at which time you would be able to ask for leads/sales in that post.

You can if you want to,just promote plain text posts just to get more engagement.You will want to be sure to have a specific goal for your promotion in mind.By doing this your making sure that you are getting the most out of your advertising budget.One way to do this is to visit your competitor's Facebook pages to see what posts of theirs have
got the most engagement.These posts are more than likely to be promoted posts. By doing this it may help give you inspiration for your post!

Finding the posts with the most engagement will tell you what type of posts your target audience is willing to respond too.Also like your competitors Facebook pages to see their promoted posts in your news-feed.This way you can see what they are promoting,thus helping you to create ads for your business.


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