Elon Musk Explains How Will Tesla Advertise

Elon Musk Explains How Will Tesla Advertise


Tesla will soon spend money on Advertising. Elon Musk is softening his position on Tesla Advertising and now says At some point, Tesla should probably do advertising to support high-quality media.

If the word of mouth has got Tesla this far, imagine what would a 50 million dollar advertising budget do to promote Tesla vehicles.

Cleantechnica, replying to Elon Musk, tweeted writing.
“But if you ever do put it into sales & marketing, we know a good media site for that.”

Elon responded and wrote, “At some point, we should probably do advertising as art/communication/entertainment & to support high quality media”

Elon Musk’s comments about Tesla spending on advertising were recently related as a response to an article from fellow EV news outlet CleanTechnica, which covered the recent price reduction of Tesla’s solar solutions. After commenting that it’s still “better to put the money into the product than sales & marketing,” Elon Musk noted that eventually, Tesla should probably do some advertising to support “high quality media.” This is quite a statement from the CEO, who has been anti advertisement in the past.

“Elon Musk’s references about supporting high quality media open a lot of opportunities for the electric car maker. The CEO, after all, is a known supporter of nontraditional media sources, as evidenced by his overt support for prolific podcaster Joe Rogan, whose approach to information dissemination is quite different from mainstream media. References to art and entertainment also invoke past programs from the company, such as Project Loveday, where the Tesla community was tapped to create compelling videos featuring the company’s products,” writes Simon Alvarez in Teslarati.

The topic of Tesla advertisements has been expressed for some time now, at one point being discussed directly at an annual shareholders meeting. During the event, some Tesla shareholders even volunteered to utilize their own resources for the company’s advertising push. Musk, for his part, stated that he has reservations about advertising due to the level of trickery that usually goes with the practice. Nevertheless, the CEO did admit later on that Tesla could have “advertising for information to refute misinformation.”


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