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Hi everyone, i hope everyone is fine.
In this video i want to talk about OFFLINE advertising and how important is to control our expenses.

Until the era of internet, offline or in other words advertising and promotion without using the internet was the ruler.

For those of you who don’t know how this works, it goes like this :
An advertising agent comes to you or you call and get informed of the procedure which is based on subjective criteria and not the known internet laser targeted filters.
In other words, if for example, it’s a magazine, then you look the niche of the magazine, how many copies it prints per month, the actual info and presentation quality of the magazine and how much they sell based on independent or not sources. You then check the prices for small, whole page, double page, back or front cover ads that comes with significant changes.

For billboard ads the size of the ad and the popularity of the area count as the basic criteria.

Until now nothing has changed to this, maybe some offers for repeated ads to more than monthly print but this is it.

Advertising and Promotion is an expense that you do it for a reason.
Either to increase your brand which is fine, if you do have money in your ad budget to spend or to increase sales and awareness of your company.

My opinion is that most of the people want to spend some money to 1-2 or 3 magazines, for example, and expect to high-rocket their sales. Many times, because i don’t want to say most of the times, this is not working as they expected.

Think of it like betting on horse racing.
Do you want to give repeatedly money to the losing horse, over and over again ?
I think not. However you do it and you don’t know it because with this system you don’t have the control.

Let me explain :
Let’s take the example of the magazine ad in 3 magazines.
You give : $1000 USD to each magazine total $3000
You get : 4% ROI
( ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment )
So you got $15,000 and you’re happy
Which of these 3 magazines was the reason of you fresh $15 grand ?
I don’t think you believe that each individual magazine gave you 33.3% each ?
Maybe the 1st brought customers that paid you $9,000 and the 2nd $2,000 and the 3rd $1,000

So, the 3rd magazine just gave you back the money you paid to it.
The 2nd gave you $1,000 profit and the 1st gave you $8,000 profit

What if you could identify the winner and put all $3,000 there ?
That will give you in our example 3 times more your current results.
If the 1st magazine gave $8,000 then multiply this with 3, you should get $24,000 which is $9,000 more profit from what you got already.

OK, i stop with the math calculations and i want to ask you, is this something that looks interesting?

It was at least for me when i learn how easy it is to implement it.
Imagine the 3 ads to have a different phone of contact and prospective buyers to call for info, directions or anything related. At the same time to be able to track each call and get stats about it.
Is that easier for you now to you identify the winner ?

Of course, there are paper surveys or you can ask your customer how did they find you, certainly you can do that but as an add-on to what i said before. Bigger survey sample more reliable results.

Check below my number 1 recommendation for this kind of services that i personally used before 2 months.
I don’t endorse the service, just mention an example, do you own research too.

Now if you think this stops to the magazine ads i mentioned before you’re wrong.
Imagine EVERYTHING that is printed and you want to know the performance of it.
After all, if you don’t care about your visual performance and results your messages get then i say it politely you don’t care so much for your business

Few more examples :
– Yellow pages listing
– Flyers and possibly which areas that you distributed them, brought better results
– The info – logo on your van
– Business cards in an expo
– Your own website (ok, it’s not offline but imagine how many people do see the phone and don’t want to send you email or messages but call directly)

You understand that to make most of the money you spend you should get control of them.
The current system doesn’t want to have any control so that they can tell their stories about how good they are.
You need to find the right eyeballs for your offer and be able to do it with any method out there is a big plus for your money.

Until the next video, thanks for your time.
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Thanks once more.

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