Coronavirus hits Nintendo and Domino’s channels ‘Cheers’: Monday Wake-Up Call

Just briefly
Univision sale talks:
Univision is in exclusive talks with a bidding group that includes former Viacom executive Wade Davis for a sale that could value it at close to $10 billion, reports the Wall Street Journal. 

Data management decline: Data management platforms are facing an uncertain future after Google said it will kill third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022, reports Ad Age’s George P. Slefo. Other threats to the platforms, which use third-party data to allow marketers to target existing and new audiences, include a crackdown on data privacy, consumers who delete cookies or use ad-blocking software and other browsers that block third-party tags.

XFL numbers: Ratings for the rebooted XFL’s opening weekend were encouraging, with 22.5 million viewers on ABC, Fox and ESPN, writes Ad Age’s Anthony Crupi, and the average XFL viewer tuning in for 61 minutes according to Nielsen data. Read more in Sports Media Brief.

Unexpectedly SFW campaign of the week: Valentine’s is over for another year, but this year saw Pornhub promoting its Premium subscription service with a Valentine’s Day pop-up store and social campaign in New York City which wasn’t “quite what you would expect,” reports Ad Age’s Ilyse Liffreing. The experience sold last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, but Liffreing, who went down to take a look, writes that it was unexpectedly “tasteful” with soft, feminine touches such as baby-pink balloons and a pink suede couch for Instagram selfies. There were also teddies and chocolates—and not a vibrator in sight. Who knew? 

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